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Having problems with cat food spoiling outside? 

The Carter Pets Ant-Free Outdoor Homeless Pet Feeder can quickly save you time and money. By applying what we have learned from our own years of feeding homeless cats, our revolutionary homeless cat food dish protects food from crawling insects, which can invade your stray's food and discourage homeless cats from eating.

The Homeless Pet Feeder works great for feeding homeless cats outside, and helps keep food fresh and appetizing. Its unique design is unmatched when...

  • Feeding outside
  • Feeding large amounts of food
  • Feeding more than one pet
  • Feeding over multiple days
The Ant-Proof Outdoor Homeless Pet Feeder works great anytime you feed animals outside .

The Carter Pets Outdoor Homeless Pet Feeder Carter Pets Outdoor Feeder

Our revolutionary homeless Pet Feeder includes...

  • Two Snap Out Dinner Trays for easy meal-time swap out.
  • Food bowls hold up to 12 cups of dry food each.
  • The Versatile Moat surrounds the interior food dish to prevent insects from getting to the food. 
  • Moat can be used with water, powder or spray.
    • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Carter Feeder using spray
    • Keeps leaves and other debris from forming land bridges that bypass the moat.
    The Homeless Pet Feeder is approximately 10" wide x 14" long. With the tent cover, the height is about 15".

    Our Unique Moat Design...

    Reliable insect protection.  Our unique moat design uses simple snap-on clips to attach the interior food bowl inside the moat, which can be used with water, powders, or spray, to keep ants and other crawling insects from reaching the food dish. Unlike other moat dishes, the deep Carter Pets Homeless Pet Feeder moat design prevents leaves and other debris from creating land bridges that provide access to the cat food.

    $15.95 each
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    Optional Weather Resistant, Bird-Out Tent Cover

    • Protects and shelters food from sun, rain, and birds.
    • Helps to protect bird populations.
    • Cats can eat, but birds stay out.
    Our optional, exclusive Bird-Out Tent Cover features a high quality vinyl, weather resistant tent cover to keep rain, sleet, snow and direct sunshine from quickly spoiling food. Homeless cats have time to eat the entire portion at their leisure, and you don't have to pay for spoiled cat food.

    The optional tent includes sturdy flaps that prevent birds from getting to homeless cat's  food, but easily move to the side as the stray leans in to eat. 

    $13.95 each
    (order feeder separately)
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    Optional Feeder CoverFood Cover

    The optional feeder cover allows you control over feeding times and further protects food when cats are not eating.

    $3.95 each
    (order feeder separately)
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    Carter Quality

    Carter Products manufactures our Outdoor Homeless Pet Feeder to the highest quality standards to insure you are getting a long-lasting, healthy feeder system for your pets. Outdoor temperatures and UV rays can quickly damage lesser-quality feed bowls.  We are committed to using only top quality materials and our products have patents pending.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Carter Pet Products feeders are guaranteed to perform as claimed, and against defects, for a period of one year from purchase date.  You may return any item for a full refund, less shipping within one year.

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